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3 Ways I Save Money During the Holidays

The holidays are a great time where you can relax and spend time with friends and family. However, they can also be expensive with last minute gift shopping and the holiday sales. So, here are 3 ways I save money during the holidays.

1. Don’t wait until the last minute to buy gifts

I keep my eyes open for gifts for friends and family throughout the year. While I’m out shopping, I always check out the sales rack and will often find the perfect gift for someone there. For example, last summer, I bought two cookbooks marked down from $40 to $15 from Anthropologie, which I thought would be great Christmas gifts for my friends who enjoy cooking. I also take advantage of the amazing deals during Black Friday or Cyber Monday. This year, I bought $1 cozy socks from Old Navy (marked down from $5) as small gifts for my friends and a pair of bluetooth headphones from Amazon that was on lightening sale for my boyfriend.

2. Stop giving gifts

My family isn’t too big on gift giving anymore. When my brother and I were children, my parents entertained us by pretending to be Santa Claus and left us presents under the tree every Christmas Eve. But once we discovered that Santa Claus wasn’t real, they stopped and we haven’t really exchanged gifts since. I’ll still sometimes give my brother or my parents a small present if I find something that I think they’ll like. But, in general, we’ve all silently agreed that spending time with each other is already the best gift we could give and receive.

3. Try to avoid holiday sales

I’ve always enjoyed shopping, especially when there’s a sale. And during the holidays, basically every store is having a sale. Growing up, it was a tradition for me and my mom to hit the mall the day after Christmas to take advantage of the great sales. However, after realizing that I have more than enough clothes, I now try to avoid the holiday sales. I ignore the emails I get from my favorite stores and try my best to not go to the mall. Of course, sometimes I’ll still fall prey to a sale, but now I’m much more selective with my purchases and will only buy items that I really need or will last a few years.

How do you save money during the holidays? Do you and your family still give gifts? Do you try to avoid shopping during the holidays?

3 Ways I Save Money During the Holidays

2 thoughts on “3 Ways I Save Money During the Holidays”

  1. Hey Cyn!

    I used to fall prey for all those sales too. I used to feel like I’d be missing out, but eventually I realized that I had too many clothes that I don’t wear. So, I stopped buying stuff for over a year now. My mom is still in love with shopping and I can’t get it in her head that it’s all a waste of money haha.

    Overall, we save money by buying more generic stuff like wine and those Belgium cookies in a nice tin can for every one. We also include a Starbucks gift card too. At least it’s something that they actually enjoy and consume instead of just buying any random “stuff” 😊

    1. Hi Ms. Panda, thanks for dropping by!

      Glad to hear you are also a recovering shopper! Wow, that’s awesome that you’ve stopped buying stuff for over a year! I’m not sure if I can do that, but maybe I should start trying harder… Haha, my mom is the same way.

      Those sound like great ways to save while still giving great gifts. My brother used to give my mom a Starbucks gift card every Christmas and she definitely made good use of it!

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