About Me

Hi, I’m Cyn. I’m a twenty something living in San Francisco and you guessed it, working in the tech industry. Saving has always come pretty naturally to me. Whether it was on a grad student stipend or a six-figure salary, I’ve been able to save a good portion of my income, all while living in one of the most expensive areas in the US.

But even though I’m a natural saver, I haven’t always saved with good sense. Like when I kept my money in a savings account with a tiny interest rate instead of investing it in the stock market. Or like the countless times when I bought a piece of clothing just because it was on sale and then left it untouched in my closet.

Fortunately, I’m learning from my mistakes and I hope you can too. I believe that with some sense, you can save for your goals and future while still enjoying your life. On this blog, I’ll share my own thoughts and ideas on how to save with sense, offer lessons I’ve learned from my own financial missteps, and try my best to help demystify confusing personal finance concepts. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy reading!