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Money Diaries: Week #1

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I’m a big fan of Refinery 29’s money diaries and have enjoyed reading the diaries of other personal finance bloggers (Millennial Money Diaries and The Luxe Strategist). I feel like I can get a better sense of who a person is and what that person values by seeing what she spends her money on. So, to help you get to know me better, here is my money diary for the past week.


8:45am – I’m definitely not a morning person on weekdays and wake up with just enough time to get ready and go to work. Since I slept over at my boyfriend’s place last night, I walk to my office, which is only 15 minutes away. Staying over at his place makes going to work so much easier!

9:30am – My office gets fruit shipments from The Fruit Guys every Monday and Wednesday. I dig through the boxes and grab two persimmons and two kiwis. I’m a big fan of Fuyu persimmons (I like them on the crunchier side), so I’m really loving that they’re in season right now. I usually eat a piece of fruit for breakfast at my desk everyday and dig into a kiwi. Unfortunately, the kiwi is not ripe enough yet and is super sour. $0

12:15pm – I walk over to a nearby Indian restaurant to pick up my lunch. I use a meal subscription plan called Mealpal. With the plan, I reserve my lunch at a certain restaurant and then pick it up the next day. It makes deciding what to eat for lunch so much easier and I don’t have to wait in line for my food. I pay $84 per month for 12 meals or $7 for each lunch, which is a pretty good deal in downtown SF.

3pm – I take a break to go to the post office and ship a skirt that I sold on Poshmark over the weekend. I started selling on Poshmark several months ago when I realized that I only wore about half of the clothes in my closet. So far, I’ve sold over $500 worth of clothing! +$13.60

6pm – I leave work and walk to a nearby office to attend a meetup. I usually attend 1-2 meetups a week since they’re good opportunities to learn and network, and sometimes they even provide free food. Lucky for me, this meetup has dinner (and it’s not pizza!) and it turns out a friend is giving a talk tonight. I fill up my plate with mediterranean food and catch up with my friend before his talk. $0

8pm – I leave the meetup and walk over to Trader Joe’s to pick up a few groceries. Afterwards, I catch the bus back to my apartment and spend the rest of the night working on my blog. $5.87

Groceries: $5.87

Total: $5.87


8:30am – I reluctantly wake up, but stay in bed until I realize I’m going to be late if I don’t get up. I rush to get ready and catch the bus to work.

9:50am – Unfortunately, I arrive to work a bit late and miss part of my morning meeting. After the meeting ends, I eat one of the persimmons I grabbed yesterday and get to work. $0

11:45am – One of my coworkers suggests going out to get noodles for lunch. Since everyone else is joining, I tag along even though I already reserved my lunch through Mealpal. We get a few appetizers and I order a sparerib noodle soup that is delicious, but is way too big for me to finish. I box up the leftovers and Venmo my coworker for the meal. $16.43

12:45pm – I pick up the lunch I ordered through Mealpal. It’s a half sandwich and a bowl of soup. I figure I can eat them for dinner tonight or lunch tomorrow (assuming the sandwich holds up till then). $0

Hanging upside down like Spiderman!

6pm – I walk to my aerial yoga class that I booked through Classpass. I pay $65/month and because they recently switched me to their credit system, I have enough credits to go to 6 aerial yoga classes in a month. Normally, a class costs $20, but through Classpass, I only pay $11 per class. Such a great deal!

8pm – I catch a bus to my boyfriend’s place and warm up some leftovers from the weekend for dinner. $0

Work Lunch: $16.43

Total: $16.43


9:15am – I walk to work, pick up a banana and a persimmon when I arrive, and eat the banana at my desk. $0

12:30pm – I’m helping interview candidates for our intern program and they’re giving us free pizza for lunch. The pizza is alright… $0

3pm – My coworkers and I take a bubble tea break. We walk over to Boba Guys and are shocked to see there’s no line! I order a Hong Kong style milk tea, but unfortunately there’s an issue with my lid and I end up spilling some on my coat. 🙁 $4

So comfy and warm!

6pm – I leave work to go to another meetup. Since the meetup is near the Allbirds store, I stop by to pick up a pair that I’ve been eyeing for a while. Supposedly, Allbirds are amazingly comfortable shoes and keep your feet warm since they’re made of wool. They definitely live up to the hype. $103.08

8:30pm – After the meetup, I take a bus back to my boyfriend’s apartment. We walk over to Trader Joe’s to pick up groceries. My boyfriend pays since most of the stuff is for him to eat throughout the week. $0

Bubble Tea: $4.00

Shopping: $103.08

Total: $107.08


9:30am – Arrive at work and eat a banana. $0

12pm – I’ve been chatting online with Millennial Money Diaries about work and retirement this morning, so we decide to meet up for lunch to talk in person. I grab my Mealpal lunch and then walk to meet MMD. It’s so nice to be able to talk to someone who is also interested in personal finance and early retirement! $0

5:30pm – I head back home to video chat with a high school friend (one half of The Origami Life). We talk for nearly 4 hours, catching up on our lives and our upcoming goals and plans. It’s so interesting to see how we have changed over the 10 years we’ve known each other. After the call, I eat leftovers from my lunch. $0

10pm – I spend the rest of the night working on the finishing touches for my blog and first post, which I’m planning on launching tomorrow.

Total: $0


8am – I wake up early today so I can launch my blog before work.

Free noosa? Yes please!

9:30am – As I walk to my office from my bus stop, I pass by a woman who is giving out free pumpkin flavored noosa. Of course I grab one. I love noosa and can’t resist a free breakfast! $0

10:30am – I take a quick break to check Twitter and Instagram on my phone. I’m pleasantly surprised at all of the support and positive feedback I’m already getting on my first post! So glad I joined the personal finance community! 🙂

12pm – I head out to run an errand and grab the lunch I ordered on Mealpal. As I walk to the restaurant, I pass by a chai cart and decide to treat myself to a cup of chai since I’m feeling a bit tired today (plus I launched my blog!). I try a few samples before deciding on the malted chai. After receiving my chai, I start to walk away, but then realize I haven’t payed! Clearly I need some caffeine. $3.50

5pm – I’m so ready for the weekend! I leave work and walk over to my boyfriend’s place. There, I take a look at the stats for my blog. Honestly, I’m shocked at the number of views and visitors! Thanks to everyone who has visited and read my first post!

7pm – My boyfriend and I walk to Hayes Valley to meet up with a friend to check out the Hayes Valley Holiday Block Party. We walk along the main block of the neighborhood, in and out of stores that are offering free snacks and drinks. We pass by the new Outdoor Voices store and I make a mental note to come back and try on some leggings.

I might have a Boba Guys addiction…

9pm – Since I know there’s a Boba Guys location nearby, I suggest we go there for some bubble tea. I order a Jasmine Milk Tea with half boba and half almond jelly. I highly recommend this combination since their almond jelly is homemade and super delicious! My boyfriend pays this time. We hang out at the store for a bit and our friend gives us suggestions for our upcoming trip to New Orleans. $0

10pm –  We say goodbye to our friend and end up walking back to my boyfriend’s apartment. I spend the rest of the night brainstorming post ideas and tweaking the styling of the blog.

Coffee Shops: $3.50

Total: $3.50


10am – I walk over to a coffee shop in Chinatown that sells Asian inspired French pastries. I order the Salted Duck Yolk Lava croissant and a Pecan Pie milk tea. The croissant is an interesting mix of sweet and savory, but the milk tea is rather bland. $8.95

1pm – After working at the cafe for a few hours, I catch a cable car and ride it back to Powell and Market St, where I get on another bus to go home. I recently discovered that my monthly MUNI pass allows me to take the cable cars for free, which is a such a good deal since cable car rides normally cost $7.

2pm – I make myself a late lunch and finally start watching Stranger Things 2. I know, I’m super behind. $0

7pm – After binge watching four episodes, I make some pasta for dinner and call a friend. $0

9pm – I walk over to a new bar/arcade venue to meet up with some old classmates. I don’t feel like drinking tonight, so I stick with water, which makes it a very cheap night out. We end up hanging out and catching up until the venue closes. $0

2am – One of my classmates wants to grab food and since my dinner was fairly light, I go with him to a nearby Mexican restaurant. I order a super burrito and eat half of it, saving the rest for lunch tomorrow. $10.43

Coffee Shops: $8.95

Restaurants: $10.43

Total: $19.38


10am – I’m super tired since I don’t usually go out and stay up till 3am, so I go back to sleep.

12pm – I finally wake up, take a shower, and eat half of my leftover burrito. $0

1:30pm – I catch a bus to my aerial yoga studio. Since my Classpass cycle ends tomorrow, I signed up for two classes today.

3pm – There’s an hour between my classes, so I walk to Target to pick up some eyeliner and a gift bag for my boyfriend’s birthday present. $6.50

So many shades of grey…

5pm – I catch a bus to go back home and stop by the Outdoor Voices store in Hayes Valley. I try on a pair of leggings that are super cute, but I decide not to buy them for now since I bought my Allbirds earlier this week.

6pm – I eat the last of my burrito for dinner and watch another few episodes of Stranger Things 2. I can’t stop at one because of the cliffhangers at the end of each episode. $0

9pm – I work a bit on my blog and then get ready for bed.

Miscellaneous: $6.50

Total: $6.50

Total for the week: 158.76

Money Diaries: Week# 1

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6 thoughts on “Money Diaries: Week #1”

    1. Yes, I highly recommend them! Hopefully you can drop by when the line is short. It can get pretty long on weekends…

  1. Those “ombre” grey leggings are awesome! What’s your favourite bubble tea flavour? Mine is jasmine green milk tea. Congrats on the new blog!!

    1. Thanks! I really liked them, but couldn’t bring myself to pay $95 for them… :/

      Jasmine milk tea is my favorite too! That was actually the flavor of the tea in the photo.

      Thank you so much! Loved seeing your photos of Hawaii on Instagram!

  2. We have to do more personal finance lunches soon 😛 I would love to go to aerial yoga some time…or guest pass you into Crunch for hoop.

    I have to check out the OV store in Haye’s Valley! Even if I don’t feel like splurging for more of their clothes, I think it’d help to know the fit when I do see myself grabbing a pair!

    1. Yes! We definitely should! 🙂

      I think an intro class only costs $10 at the aerial yoga studio, so let me know if you want to try sometime! Yes, I definitely want to take you up on a guest pass for Lyra!

      Actually, that’s mostly why I went to OV because I wasn’t sure what size I’d be. I’m glad I tried the leggings on in person because I definitely would have ordered the wrong size online. 😛

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