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Money Diaries: Week #4


7:45am – I wake up and make myself a cup of tea. My boyfriend and I have a shared goal of trying to wake up earlier. Looks like we’re getting off to a good start! I work on my blog for a bit before heading to work.

12pm – I realize I forgot my lunch in my boyfriend’s fridge. So I walk back to my his apartment to grab it. I’m so lucky that his place is only 15 minutes away from my office!

5:30pm – I leave work and head home. After spending the weekend at my boyfriend’s place, I’m happy to spend some time in my own apartment. I make myself a dinner of potstickers and a scallion pancake. My roommate and I watch a mediocre movie on Netflix while eating dinner. Afterwards, I work on an upcoming blog post.

11pm – One of the less glamorous parts of my job (in my opinion) is that every few weeks, I have to be on-call 24/7 for one week. This means whenever there is a failure with one of our services for our software product, I get paged and have to try to solve the problem or make sure the right team is aware of the issue. It’s my turn to be on-call this week and there’s been an ongoing issue the whole day. I get paged around 11pm and log on to see what’s going on. The issue seems to be resolved by 11:30pm, but then I get paged again at 11:45pm and 12am. Looks like it might be a long night…

Total: $0


5am – I get woken up by a page. I rush to check what’s going on and turns out the site is failing. After an hour of triaging, the problem is resolved. I head back to bed for another hour or two of sleep.

8:45am – I wake up, but I don’t feel like rushing to head to the office. So, I decide to work from home for the morning.

10:30am – After my morning meeting, I’m feeling kinda hungry. I roast a bag of potatoes I have in my pantry and fry up a few eggs.

12pm – I head out to catch the bus to go to work. Before heading into the office, I stop by the post office to drop off a package of clothes I sold on Poshmark over the weekend.

2pm – I’m starting to feel tired, so I head to Philz to get a kick of caffeine. For some reason, Philz coffee makes me super awake and wired, much more than any espresso drink I’ve had. I order a small Philtered Soul. $3.50

5:30pm – I leave work to meet a friend for dinner before we go to the ballet. Last week, I got us discounted tickets for Sleeping Beauty. I’m super excited to see this ballet because I love Tchaikovsky!

6:15pm – My friend and I catch up while eating dinner. The food is pretty good, but overpriced. I guess that’s what happens when you eat in a trendy neighborhood, like Hayes Valley. 😛 Since it’s my friend’s birthday on Friday, I pay for our dinner. $44.80

7:15pm – We walk over a few blocks to the War Memorial Opera House. We get seated a few minutes before the ballet starts, so we don’t have any time to read the program. I think I remember the story of Sleeping Beauty, so I should be able to understand what’s going on, right?

Fancy night at the ballet!

10:30pm – The ballet ends. Turns out this story is a bit different than the Disney version. As we walk through the opera house to exit, I observe the other audience members. I find it fun to people watch at the ballet. Since San Francisco is a pretty casual city, there’s a wide variety of dress here. Some people are in jeans, while others are dressed pretty fancy, either in nice ballgowns or trendy jumpsuits.

11pm – I take the bus home and work on my blog post. I was hoping to get it finished to publish tomorrow, but it looks like that’s not happening. $0

Restaurants: $44.80

Coffee Shops: $3.50

Total: $48.30


8am – I wake up and get ready. Since I have some time, I fry an egg and pack it up with my leftover roasted potatoes for lunch.

12:15pm – I eat my lunch with a few designers who are talking about a new option for Mealpal. It’s a flexible plan where you pre-pay for 12 meals, but don’t have to use them within a certain time frame. They only charge you when you’ve used up all 12 meals. Since my current subscription is only on hold till the end of this month, I decide to switch over to the flex plan. Even though I’ve been better about bringing my lunch this month, I still bought my lunch 1-2 times a week. Since I’ll probably continue doing this, I’ll save some money with Mealpal. $91.85

5:30pm – I take a bus to go to my boyfriend’s place. I finally finish my Optimizing Inefficiencies In My Cash Flow post and schedule it to be published early tomorrow morning.

8pm – My boyfriend has been using Habitica to help track his daily tasks and habits. It looks fun and we can use it to help hold each other accountable, so I sign up. One of my goals for this year is to read for 15 minutes a day, so I add the habit to my list. Then I read my current book, The Obstacle is the Way, for 15 minutes.

I wish I had started reading this book earlier!

Work Lunch: $91.85

Total: $91.85


12pm – Since I’ve been feeling slight pain in my hands this morning, I walk to my boyfriend’s apartment so I can ice them during my lunch break.

6pm – I’m volunteering to help out with recruiting for my company at a career fair. There’s a good turnout of job seekers who come to our table and I talk to several candidates who seem very excited and interested in my company.

9pm – I walk back to my boyfriend’s apartment, which is only a few blocks away. We cook dinner and watch a few episodes Breaking Bad.

Total: $0


8am – I wake up excited, thinking it’s Saturday, but I then feel disappointed when I realize it’s actually Friday… 😔

12pm – One of my teammates is leaving next week, so we go out for his goodbye lunch. We go to this nice Italian place and order a bunch of pizzas to share. My boss pays. Yay for free lunch! $0

3pm – The coworker who I had lunch with in my last money diary messages me about getting some coffee or tea. We head to a nearby tea house and I order a Blood Orange Jasmine tea. She pays and I promise to get hers next time. $0

4pm – Another coworker wants to go for a bubble tea break. Since I still owe him a drink and have lost motivation for doing any more work on a Friday, I agree. We walk to a bubble tea shop and I pay for both of our drinks. $10.45

5:30pm – I leave work and walk to my boyfriend’s apartment. Since my hands, wrists, and elbows have been hurting a lot this past week, I’m starting to think I might have carpal tunnel syndrome. So, I browse on Amazon for an ergonomic mouse and keyboard. $0

Bubble Tea: $10.45

Total: $10.45


12pm – My boyfriend and I make lunch and watch another episode of Breaking Bad. Afterwards, I decide to finally buy this ergonomic keyboard and mouse from Amazon. Crossing my fingers that they’ll help with my pain! 🤞🏼 $48.18

iClever Wireless Folding Keyboard (Looks great for traveling!)

Jelly Comb Small Wireless Vertical Mouse (I chose this one for my small hands)

1pm – I walk over to a cafe that sells Asian fusion croissants, but they’ve sold out already. 😔 So I grab a bubble tea with tiramisu cream from the shop across the street instead. It’s super delicious! $4.88

3pm – I take a Lyft back to my apartment to grab some clothes for the rest of the weekend. My brother’s birthday is tomorrow, so I’m planning on staying at my parents’ house for the next two nights to celebrate with my family. $5.61

5pm – I take the bus downtown and then hop on the BART. I binge listen to a few episodes of Fire Drill Podcast on the hour long ride.

6pm – My brother picks me up and we drive back to my parents’ house. My parents are out renovating their rental property and won’t be joining us for dinner. So, my brother and I decide to go out to a Malaysian restaurant.

7pm – I haven’t really had Malaysian food before, so I’m excited to try it! We order roti pratha, miri chicken, beef nasi lemak, and an ice chendol. I pay for dinner. $48

This roti pratha was so delicious!
My first time trying an ice chendol! Basically tasted like a coconut banana smoothie with tapioca, jelly, and beans 😋

Shopping: $48.18

Bubble Tea: $4.88

Lyft: $5.61

Restaurants: $48

Total: $106.67


12pm – My brother and I head out to grab lunch and run a few errands. We eat at a hip, casual place and my brother covers the bill the time. $0

1:30pm – I saw this deal for 10x points for Best Buy purchases, so I suggest we stop by a nearby store. I was planning on buying some gift cards, but don’t see any that I would actually use, except for the Uber one. My brother, however, picks up a few gift cards for Chipotle and Chick-Fil-A and finds a pair of headphones he likes. He lets me pay for all of it so I can get the points and then Venmos me back. $25

2:30pm – We pass by a salon that was advertising eyebrow threading for $5 a few months ago. I pop in and find out it’s now $10. Since I’m already here and it’s cheaper than most places in SF, I decide to get my eyebrows done. $12

3pm – We drive to an Asian bakery that recently opened to buy a cake for my brother’s birthday. However, he doesn’t see one that he likes, so I order a slice of a crepe cake and a sea salt creama with jasmine tea for us to share instead. Unfortunately, the crepe cake isn’t very good. $8

Definitely not Lady M…

4pm – My brother suggests stopping by Whole Foods on the way home to check out their cake selection. He picks out a Berry Chantilly cake and I pay for it. $20

6pm – I drive us to a sushi buffet to meet my parents for my brother’s birthday dinner. This buffet offers free dinner to anyone who goes on their actual birthday, so my brother gets to eat for free! And since my parents are paying, I effectively eat for free too!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out a good present to buy my brother for his birthday, so I just give him a nice handwritten card. Fortunately, my brother is super low-key about presents and just values the time that we spend together. Told you he’s super wise and mature$0

Shopping: $25

Personal Care: $12

Snacks/Dessert: $28

Total: $65

Total for the week: $396.62Money Diaries Week 4

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6 thoughts on “Money Diaries: Week #4”

  1. This is an awesome post! I’m a new blogger and started mine to help with basically this same concept. Just happened to stumble across the post on Twitter, I look forward to keeping up with these!

    Also I think one of the next books on my list will be The Obstacle is the Way. Recently finished Meditations by Marcus Aurelius after finding the Daily Stoic and loved it.


    1. Hi Ryan, thanks for stopping by! So glad to hear you found me through Twitter!

      Congrats on starting your blog! I’m pretty new too. It’s been great joining the personal finance community and meeting new people through blogging, like yourself! 🙂

      Oh cool. I’ve heard so many good things about Meditations. It kinda blows my mind that this wisdom has been around for so long!

  2. Hey is that sushi buffet your referring to is Kome?? I’ve been there for my birthday once and it was free as well!! They have a pretty good quality of sushi for a buffet restaurant, can be really busy especially at night.

    1. Hey Kris! I think the one we went to was called Tomi. It’s in Concord. Oh nice! Yeah, it’s a pretty good deal for all of the food you get to eat!

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